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Style Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week
Style Fashion Week
Fashion Week - the week in fashion that tells everyone where fashion for the year is headed. For this reason alone, may people specifically tune into Fashion Week every year. The audience is awed by the flawless and unique designs that parade down the catwalk, though designers will often admit that their inspiration is sparked by the seasoned veterans of fashion.

Watching Fashion Week can give you lots of ideas to incorporate in your quest to be as fashionable as possible. Commonly featuring celebrities who attend fashion weeks around the world are entertainment and gossip shows. In a lot of cases they will also show the designers' dresses and new items that get everyone's attention in most every show. The Fashion TV channel will tell you all that you need to know about the latest styles.

Browse fashion magazines for style ideas. Fashion magazines usually collate pictures during the weeks immediately following Fashion Week, offering clients an idea of the newest fashions and a chance to compare trends by competing designers. Look for the clothing featured in your favorite fashion magazine when you go shopping.

Look at photos from Fashion Week shows online. The Internet is a valuable source for information, and its numerous resources don't leave out the Fashion Week highlights for all fashion fans. You can get ideas about fashion using style.uk.msn.com or nymag.com/fashion to obtain your daily dose of the latest style news for your enjoyment.

Do some window shopping in designer stores. Designers take great pride in their craft and will happily display their handiwork in shop windows. During Fashion Week, it is best to walk by many of the designer shops to see what types of fashions are popular now.

Get the look at an affordable price! It costs a pretty penny to look that fabulous and glamorous, dressed from head to toe in designer labels. Scrutinizing your style and buying by the piece is a quick way around it. Buy the scarf at a department store, but get the blouse from a thrift store. As long as you can get close to it, you definitely can pull it off, although it may not be the real thing. Who says you need to break the bank on style? Fashion aficionados would agree that it's all about attitude rather than the brand-name or designer.

The best way to see the new styles in action is to attend a fashion event in person and up close. If you are a model, journalist or even a volunteer you will be able to do it. Alternately, if you have the funds available, bundled packs are offered for sale by hotels and credit card companies which include Fashion Week tickets.

Winter Fashion Dress

Winter Fashion Dress
Winter Fashion Dress
What exactly are winter fashion tips for women and how can those tips help you to dress warm and stylish? For most people winter is no season to wear skirts, shorts and dresses from the summer. There are some tips that will help you to look cute, stylish and still dress warm.

Tip 1) Leggings And Tights

Do you believe it´s impossible to wear leggings and tights in winter because you are sick and tired of freezing all day long? When it gets really cold in December - February you can still were "ladies" that will help you to cover your skin optimally. If it gets really cold you can throw up a pair of really thick tights to make sure you won´t freeze. After you did that, you can put ladies on top of them. Believe it or not, but the double protection will almost assure that you will feel like having a "heating" next to your legs. There is no reason to freeze if you can use these winter fashion tips now.

What kind of colors should you choose for leggings and tights? You should most absolutely go with black. Black is the most natural color and looks great to any outfit. People will not believe how you can wear a skirt in a winter season and still feel warm. They probably don´t know that you wear thick tights and "ladies" to make sure you don´t freeze.

Tip 2) Knee High Socks And Legwarmers

High socks and Legwarmers have a similar task like tights have. When it comes to choosing knee high socks make sure to choose black ones. If you would decide to choose strives or other colorful socks you will have to match your other clothes according to them. Winter fashion tips for 2011 concentrate on dressing you with style and making sure that you will feel warm as well. Legwarmers are clothes that are specially created and designed for winter. Again, you want to choose black and don´t go with other colors because it might be difficult for you to dress smoothly. High socks and legwarmers don´t only look good but they also make you appear cute and attractive.

As you can see, you have many choices for dressing casually and still feel great during the colder season. These are just a few winter fashion tips to help you dress in a way it is most appropriate for your well being and look

Degree in Fashion

Degree in Fashion
Degree in FashionWhen it comes to design degrees, fashion design is one of the popular degrees to achieve. The reason fashion design is so popular is due to the fact that it is a way to express yourself through the clothes and accessories you design for millions to wear and appreciate. If an individual is interested in adding their personal taste to the world of fashion, getting a degree in the fashion industry may be the right option.

When an individual goes to school to get a fashion degree, this normally means he or she wants to become a fashion designer who will create clothing for people that is both physically appealing and stunning to look at. However, there are other types of jobs that one can aspire to when getting a degree in fashion. A student can also be interested in fashion merchandising or fashion marketing.

The degrees that are usually offered are an Associate Degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelors in Fashion Design. As far as the marketing and merchandising, one is able to either get an Associates in Fashion Merchandising or in Fashion Marketing, as well as a Bachelors in Fashion Marketing or Merchandising. The graduate is also able to get a Certificate in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

There are many colleges and universities that offer a fashion degree. An individual can get a degree in fashion by attending an on-campus school or via a distance learning program. Either way, the individual is able to get the resources and the knowledge that one needs in order to succeed in the fashion industry. It is always up to the individual to make sure that the school is the right one for them, depending on how they would rather learn, either in house or remotely.

In terms of applying to a fashion design program, every school varies with the process but there are normally steps that need to be proceeded in order to be accepted or even considered in the institution. Depending on the school you are applying to, you will have a certain set of rules and regulations to follow.

Many schools ask that you have at least a high school diploma or a GED and some schools ask that you have a GPA standing at a certain number in order to get into the school. Some schools may also have the potential student take placement exams to see which level would be best for them in terms of placing the in the correct class. A student may need to also submit a portfolio of one's work for consideration.

Some schools will also be able to place the student in an internship or a job with a fashion related industry once the student has graduated from their school. Of course every school varies, so it is always up to the student to contact the school beforehand to see what they have to offer in terms of classes, placement and application.

World Fashion

World Fashion
 Go have some fun. Make it more pleasurable by inviting a friend to join you on a girlfriend's day out. Treat yourselves to a lovely lunch. Go for broke and stay overnight in a hotel with spa facilities where you can relax and be pampered. Make sure that you have a manicure and pedicure.

What are the on trend colors for the summer season? Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?

Don't be afraid to experiment with color. Monochromatic color schemes are chic and will always be high in the fashion stakes, but it is time to break out.

One of the hottest colors to look out for is Coral. So vibrant and generally suits most complexion types. Orange, Jade and bright yellow are also popping up everywhere. If you are not so confident to wear such bright colors, go for accessories, shoes, bags or adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry.

Look online for ideas on websites such as ASOS, Net a Porter. Online magazines such as InStyle, Vogue or Elle, see what the celebrities are wearing. What was hot on the catwalk?

Be brave mix textures and patterns.

Tone down your outfit by tempering your bold and colorful pieces by pairing them with black basics. A beautiful coral dress with black accessories or the other way round, a classic little black dress teamed with bold accessories and you have an instant wow factor.

Swimwear - essential that you feel comfortable. If you do not have that bikini perfect body, do not despair. There are some amazing one piece or tankini sets that you can mix and match color and styles. Go for an eye-popping beach cover-up, either in a bold color (pick out the color from your swimwear) or a crochet/lace style. Team with a wide- brimmed hat, sunglasses, a pair of jazzy flip-flops and a beach bag.

Shorts - look for city style shorts, knee length or cropped length for the mature women are just as sexy as the short shorts!

Skirts - this is summer so the more fabric in the skirt the better, it should move with you when you walk, it should feel feminine. Asymmetrical hemlines are in fashion this season. Try before you buy!

Day dresses/sun dresses. The 'Royal Wedding' sparked gasps of adoration as Kate walked down the aisle in her stunning lace gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Fashionistas and designers all over the world were frantically trying to copy or design for the high street and stores; stylish/vintage creations.

Whether, you choose a classic column style dress, with nude lining and lace overlay for the evening or a floaty cheesecloth lace edged day dress. You just cannot go wrong.

Shrug v pashmina or both! Short cropped jacket or crochet lace cardigan. The choice is yours. Experiment with styles and shapes.

Trousers - linen, linen, linen. Trousers should be partially or fully lined to avoid them becoming creased too easily. Look for a cotton mix to minimize creasing. Silk Hareem pants are stylish and beautiful. Can be worn with heels or a flat beaded sandal.

Accessories - Go to town literally. Sandals wedges are a must, flattering to the leg and comfortable too. While flip- flops are acceptable for the beach, you need something a little more chic for daytime and certainly evening.

Handbags and purses - match up with your footwear, clutch bags are simple, easy to carry and available in all sizes styles and shades of color. You could always add your own embellishments to add your own personal touch.

Jewelry - statement pieces. Layer necklaces; go bold with bangles and ear rings.

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion
When fashion turns its course from spring to summer, there is a tremendous change in trends. Gone are the bulky outfits, ushering in light dresses and shirts. However, it is crucial to keep certain trend tips in mind as you prepare for your summer wardrobe.

Summer is the best time to replenish your wardrobe with the necessary items. Where fall is the time for bold and wild trends, summer is the time to keep low-profile. Wardrobe of summer should cover shorts of all fabrics, from cool cotton T-shirts, summer dresses to tank tops. Summer shoes should include wedge sandals, canvas sneakers for casual use, and red black shoes for formal occasions.

Summer trends might deal with accessories, black and white combinations, stylish super-short dresses and shining jewelry, when it comes to bring fashion into your wardrobe, it's advisable to buy one or two. If you try to follow all on the summer fashion list, you may end up being a trend chaser. So keep balance is the key issue.

Remember that when coping with the fiery summer, the most important aspect to look fashionable is to dress comfortably. You surely don't want to be a crazy fashionista while complaining with discomfort. Therefore, don't just bury in accessories, look for ed hardy clothing that can capture sweat and keep you cool and dry. Light colors are preferable, for dark colors absorb heat. In fact, the more brief your summer wardrobe, the more comfortable you may feel.

Do not excuse yourself to wear the least amount of clothing possible in summer. The most appropriate way to show off cleavage is to balance it on the overall part of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing short-shirts, match them with canvas sneakers.

Summer Fashion Trends

Summer Fashion Trends
When the summer months roll around, women of all ages strive to look their best when out enjoying the sun and surf! The trends for this summer in women's clothing puts an emphasis on comfort and practicality. New cool colors are in fashion this year with vibrant greens, pinks and varying shades of blue for skirts, dresses and casual wear.

Springtime is also prom time. For those young ladies who are planning what to wear for their big night out, a long formal dress made of a lightweight material such as cotton or silk is never wrong. Strapless gowns with brightly colored floral patterns are big this year among the prom-going set as are short formal dresses split up the sides. Paired with a lightly knitted shawl for the evening and a pair of Greek-styled sandals, young ladies everywhere will be turning heads as they party into the night!

You do not have to spend a bundle on summer clothing that is in fashion this year as today there are many discount girls clothing stores on the internet that carry all the hottest clothing at rock-bottom prices. Not only can you easily find the biggest brand names in women's clothing on the net, but you can also expect to receive low shipping and special discounts when you purchase several items from one retailer. It simply does not make sense anymore to pay top dollar at the local malls when you can find the exact same clothes online much cheaper. Not only will you save on clothing money but you will not be hassled with traffic and parking when you shop from the convenience of your home.

When shopping for womens shoes, the best deals also are found on the internet. You can find all the latest styles, the hottest brand names and even shoes in varying widths and large sizes which are often hard to find in regular shoe stores.

The trends this year reflect colorful sundresses, strappy sandals, lightweight capris and funky handbags. The spaghetti-strap dress is hot this year as are loose belts, bold swimwear and printed tees and tank tops. Sherbet tones are really sizzling this summer with melon colored skirts, lime green jackets. Skinny jeans with embroidered pockets are still in style. Khaki shorts and linen blouses are ideal for wearing after a day spent at the beach and for partying after dark, sassy ruffled skirts and peasant tops will be seen on dance floors from coast to coast.

New Summer Dress for Girls

New Summer Dress for Girls
Summer brings joys, fun and excitement. It is all about going out for shopping, hanging out on beaches, swimming, enjoying sunbaths and doing all the stuff that you cannot do during the winter. Girls enjoy the summer season more than anything, but above all what they most enjoy during the summer is summer fashion. It is because, there is neither a need to wear multiple clothes to keep yourself warm, nor there is a limited choice in choosing colors for your clothes. It is, thus a time when young girls enjoy wearing all sorts of colors and clothes that feel light and offer attractive look.

Girls' summer dresses are manufactured by many brands. These brands offer top quality materials to provide you the best choice for summer wear. Available in different colors, sizes, styles, prints, and designs, these dresses come in many different materials which are suitable to wear during summers as they prevent heat.

Sundress is a popular informal summer dress. It is made of the lightest fabric such as cotton. This dress became popular in the early 1960's when a famous designer called Lilly Pulitzer introduced it in the most stylish way. The dress is preferred by many girls as it offers a comfortable feel; because of the light weight of the fabric and the way it is designed. It does not feature a layering top, which is how the shoulders and the arms are exposed to the air.

Cotton is common fabric which is used in the making of many summer dresses. Cotton is preferable for summer wear because of the qualities the fabric possesses. It is light so it does not feel much on the body - - this is exactly what most of the girls want under the scorching heat of the sun. Apart from this, the ability of the fabric to breathe makes it airy so that you do not sweat much. After all, no girl likes to sweat!!

Summer fashion includes skirts, frocks, summer jeans and light blouses, and many other stylish dresses. Most often, dresses as short as one inch above the knees are trendy and chic. However, miniskirts also look classy and fashionable. The heat is on and so is the summer fashion, so what are you waiting for, girl? Buy cool light summer dresses now!

Men Fashion Styles

Men Fashion Styles
 For men, it isn't always easy to buy fashionable clothes; there simply isn't the variety of choice within men's fashion. One item of clothing that bucks the trend, though, is the t-shirt. T-shirts are fantastic because they come in such a wide variety of styles, colours, and designs, that the simple addition of a t-shirt to any outfit enables men to stand out from the crowd, when the rest of their wardrobe is uniform. After all, men's fashion mostly involves plain jeans, plain shirts, plain jackets, and plain shoes. Making a few informed purchases can do wonders to a man's style of dress.

Here we discuss some of the different styles that are available in men's t-shirts, providing fashion advice that will be invaluable for the fashion conscious men of the world.

T-shirts should be a staple part of any man's wardrobe, when consideration is taken as to the kind of t-shirt that can be teamed with an outfit; the chances are that men can create a fashionable, trendy, and sophisticated look. Men can make t-shirts the focal part of any outfit, adding a flare of individuality, vibrancy, and colour, which will imbue the wearer with an incredible sense of confidence.

Regarding design, there are three broad categories of t-shirt; each with their own connotations and takes on style. Each style of t-shirt says something about the wearer.

Y-Neck T-Shirts

These are a traditional style of t-shirt, generally associated with an older generation. The neck begins as a v-neck, pointing down to the centre of the body, from the chin, but y-necks have an extended opening that finishes partway down the chest. Although associated with older men, these t-shirts are extremely trendy now, and form part of the preppy, geek-chic, movement.

V-Neck T-Shirts

As described above, these men's t-shirts have a neckline that comes in from a wide angle at the neck, to a point at the top of the chest. This style of t-shirt forms part of the classic look, they look great when wearing informal suits, as they reveal a laid back, and yet sophisticated attitude; these t-shirts say of the wearer 'I am comfortable with who I am, and I know how to carry myself well'. As a style, they can be particularly difficult to carry-off well, and men need a great deal of confidence to wear them with style.

Crew Neck T-Shirts

These t-shirts have a rounded neck. They are extremely popular, and the most common style of t-shirt available to men. They are good to wear for men who are slowly embarking on a fashionable look, experiment with colour, style, and design, and if you get it wrong, this style of t-shirt is much more forgiving than the others are.

The specific design is dependent largely on personality. There are amazing ranges of graphic t-shirts on sale today, all of which have the merits. Men can choose between unusual prints, or plain t-shirts. T-shirts should be used to spice up an outfit. For instance, wear a nice pair of dark blue jeans, black boots, and a white shirt, coupled with a futuristic design graphic t-shirt - in a colour that suits your hair, eyes, and skin - to create a funky look, which is difficult to get wrong. By keeping the rest of your outfit plain but well groomed, and adding a funky t-shirt, the result is a good look.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography
 The current development of photography had allowed everybody to be able to capture an ideal moments of their lives in a fantastic way. The massive improvement in shutter speed and photo resolution also allow make it convenient for both beginners and professional photographer enthusiasts to consider to take stunningly good pictures. Additionally, photo editing is now able to produce a more creative and artistic photos in a snap.

Photography has additionally been an enormous plus for a lot of offline and online companies. A regular image can be sold by a digital photographer and the company can easily buy the image. These stocks are offered on different prices, with respect to the license. But being a digital file, they can also be modified, altered and edited using sophisticated editing software.

Today, photography is raising the fashion industry because of that nature. Digital fashion photography is not the same as doing television footages and capturing on films which for digital photography enthusiasts; it's a tougher area to operate on.

The best trick for digital fashion photography would be to capture everything within the ramp. It'll target the figures from the stunning ladies wearing their most fancy, magnificent and extreme fashion clothes. Digital fashion photography will capture the different outlooks necessary to please the worldwide audience in terms of the latest fashions.

While digital fashion photography is really a meticulous area, a good digital photographer ought to be creative enough to understand and follow the most popular trend every year.

Just like designers, digital fashion photography enthusiasts also need to operate in top performance with ease and filed with beauty and glamour. The second should certainly develop the photographer's sense of passion.

Here are some facts to consider on digital fashion photography when you are just starting out:

1. You need to be focused at all time when shooting with your camera

2. Make sure that your camera is with you at all times

3. Know and execute your objective

4. Practice to capture that once in a lifetime opportunity moment

5. Develop a sense and knowledge to find and shoot from multiple, interesting angles

6. Take advantage of numerous distance and angles for every shot

7. Show some contrast by post processing the small details in your post processing

8. Organize your subject well

9. Learn about weight and shapes and put great emphasis on the in your pictures

10. Communicate with your audience by using your pictures

As a digital photographer, you also need to be conscious on both the internal and external shooting factors. The internal factors will include setting up your camera gear properly, charging your batteries, choosing the right composition and so on.

The external factors will include knowing what your rights are and carefully considering the environment that you are in. This will make sure that you will stay safe all the time during shooting.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design
The intense competition in the fashion industry makes it important for any fashion designer to showcase the designs to a larger audience. This can be done by creating fashion sketches and displaying them on the Internet. The sketches give an insight to the fashion fraternity and also to the common audience on the concept behind a particular fashion design. It is a way of communicating the theme to the people associated with the apparel industry. Hence, they are extremely important for any fashion designer.

Fashion sketches are illustrations made by professional artists and designed in a way that they can be easily displayed on the Internet. They portray the true creative genius of the designer. These can be considered a blue print of the final product. The perfection in making sketches is a prerequisite as they serve as the main marketing tool of the fashion professionals. The sketches reflect trends and the value added features of the design. They can also be used to evaluate the various patters used by different designers.

Fashion sketches are important, since they are the preliminary designs that have to be taken to the different apparel manufacturers in the market. The sketches are then used to select the different fabric samples from the wide range on offer.

Computers are increasingly being used for the purpose of making fashion design sketches. Several software are now available that assist the designers in making the drawings. While some still prefer the traditional hand-drawn sketches, others choose to opt for the speed and convenience of computer-aided designing. Hand-drawn sketches can also be fed into the computer with the help of a scanner.

The art of making fashion design sketches is important for creating a niche in the highly competitive fashion industry. Fashion designers can make their presence felt only if their sketches are different and original. Good quality sketches are the only means of establishing a firm foothold in the fashion industry.

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion
 Fall is a wonderful time of year. Leaves start to change color, the weather cools just the perfect amount, and Starbucks starts offering their Pumpkin Spice Latte (decaf, of course). Fashion wise it is also a great time of year, as dark wash jeans, chunky sweaters, sleek blouses, and textured dresses all make their appearance. For maternity fashion, these trends hold true as well. Fall allows one to experiment with different colors and textures, while maintaining the comfort and function of great maternity clothing. By adding a few basic staples to one's fall maternity wardrobe, a fashionable yet comfy look can easily be achieved.

Every expectant woman needs a great pair of jeans during the fall. It is important to find a pair that is flattering and meets the needs of one's changing shape. Maternity jeans are designed with extra stretch in the waist to accommodate one's growing belly, as well as stretch in the actual jean. During the fall a dark wash is a stylish choice, and it also happens to be the most universally flattering color as it is very slimming. A bootcut that does not go in too much at the knee is elongating and flattering as well. The Megan Blue Jeans by Maternal America are an excellent choice. They flare slightly at the bottom while having a long and lean leg. The three inch stretchy waistband provides plenty of support for one's growing belly. Detailing, such as the mock fly and four buttons, add the perfect amount of style. Super flattering, they can easily be dressed up or down. For an even darker wash, try their Megan Black Jeans. With the same great shape, the darker wash is easily transitioned from day to night. Along with jeans, having a great stretch pant that can be around the house or even dressed up for an evening out is a must. 1 in the Oven's Ruched Foldover Pants are super soft and flattering. Made of supima modal cotton, they have a ruched band at the waist that is incredibly comfortable. The flared fit is elongating and slimming. Pair it with a t-shirt for a casual look or dress it up with heels and a blouse. By finding jeans and pants that are cut with one's changing body in mind, a flattering and fashionable look is easily achieved.

Aside from pants, a great sweater is a must for one's fall maternity wardrobe. They can be paired with jeans, pants, or leggings. Maternal America's Fish Tail Sweater is a great choice. The light grey is flattering and looks good with any outfit. The unique fishtail bottom is longer in the back and has gorgeous movement to it. Soft and comfy, it allows plenty of room for one's baby bump to grow. Another gorgeous option is Olian's Turtleneck Top. In a beautiful emerald shade, it is a great addition to one's fall wardrobe. The mini-cowl turtleneck is loose and not stifling. The loose sleeves add a unique and flattering touch. One of its best features is its length. Extra-long with ruching on the side, there is plenty of room for one's growing baby belly, ensuring that one will never be exposed. From the office to dinner out, these sweaters are versatile, fashionable, and incredibly comfortable.

One flattering and always stylish fall look is pairing great jeans with a structured blazer and beautiful print blouse. The blazer creates a great shape while the blouse adds the perfect amount of pizazz. By adding a sprinkling of blouses to one's fall maternity wardrobe, outfits can easily be completed. Maternal America's Peasant Top in a modern twist on the black and white checkered print is flows nicely over one's belly. Paired with dark wash jeans and a great blazer, a day to night look is made. Their Laced Sleeve Kimono Top in a blue and beige cheetah motif features an empire waist and side cinching for a very flattering look on one's tummy. This pop of color looks great with a crisp black blazer.

Fall is such a magical time of year, and adding these staples to one's fall maternity wardrobe with leave one feeling and looking amazing. They are staples that can be worn in a variety of ways for many different occasions, ensuring that one gets plenty of wear out of them. From great fitting maternity jeans to a chic top, one's closet is sure to be coveted by other expectant mothers.

California Fashion

California Fashion
Many people dream of attending fashion marketing schools. In California there are many schools that an aspiring fashion designer or fashion entrepreneur can choose to attend to learn their stuff, if they know where to start looking and if their head is in the right place. Many people think that anybody can afford to go to and get into any of the fashion marketing schools in California, but that is not true.

In essence, the fashion industry is a great deal like the art industry, and art students need to do more than breathe and have a heartbeat to get into art school, don't they? Even so, if anybody could get into fashion marketing schools, there would be a good many failures and drop-outs as the industry is simply not for everyone.

How to Know If California is Right for You

It is not just fashion marketing schools that must be considered but also whether or not the location is right. California is certainly a beautiful state, but it is also jammed full of people, cars, and smog; that paints a pretty nasty picture but anybody who has ever been to California should know that things are quite to the contrary.

It is a beautiful state with a booming economy in the fashion niche, and it is where many artists and designers actually get their start. If you can't deal with a little bit of pollution, some rather strange people, and a whole lot of noise and business then most of the fashion marketing schools in California are probably not going to be the best idea for you.

Choosing the Right Fashion Schools in California

If you decide that California is the type of environment that you would do well in, it is just a matter of deciding on the right fashion marketing schools. In California many of the art institutes have fashion divisions and fashion majors that people can get marketing degrees in, but finding the right one for you is the most important thing. If you prefer to learn in a more intimate environment and get individualized attention, then perhaps a private art schools if for you.

Some of the best fashion marketing schools in California are public colleges that don't have as stringent of an admissions process as the private ones do, yet they still put out graduates. See which colleges graduate the most students and the average cost of attendance as well as other factors that matter to you in selecting a school.

Choosing the right fashion marketing schools is not always the easiest thing to do. Deciding to attend fashion marketing schools in California is a big step, and if you want to be prepared for it you can start now. Do your research and find out which schools best suit your needs and start submitting your application materials. If you can get all of your ducks in a row, this can be one of the biggest steps in your life.