Sunday, February 26, 2012

men style

It does seem like they're wearing it inside their pants and as lining for their jackets. At first glance, one thinks the clothes must feel clunky, especially because men are supposed to walk in them, not use them to save the drowning.

But Calvin Klein's Fall 2009 collection is hailed as a new vision, a way of adapting to the current financial and economic climate. Call it protection or call it a more solid expression of masculinity, there is something valiant and heroic in the presentation of a new form and silhouette. Besides, the house has been known as a master of technology and technique.

The seemingly stiff jackets are excellently paired with less structured and synthetic looking pants.

I'm beginning to develop an infatuation with the powder blue color of the jacket on the right. It looks just right with varying shades of gray.

Though this hue of blue is tantalizing, there's too much of it for the season. Of course, that doesn't stop anyone from falling for the cut of the pants and the collar of the shirt on the right.

The color on the left is more like it, while the coat on the right is interesting: tweed (donegal or Harris?) in a different shade, compared to that used for the outfits below, which may not be mistaken for styrofoam, but brandish the same kind of masculinity.

These suits in black are classic Calvin Klein, updated with the new cut and material. Notice that the coats and jacket have a very distinct sheen, and how thin the ties are. is right. Donegal tweed is a definite trend for the season. The outift on the left is the best I've seen as of yet. Though it looks totally traditional, I'm sure the feel of the fabric, once worn, can transform any outlook.

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